For Job Seekers

As employment markets fluctuate, competition for jobs can increase. No matter how tight the market, learning the fundamentals of what employers look for, could give you the competitive edge you need to get your next position over other candidates.

This program will show you where to find the best jobs, how to apply for them and how to position yourself so the employer sees you as the ideal person for the job.  You’ll learn many skills such as resume relevancy, style and language, as well as how to make a great first impression once you get that job interview.

Career resilience is knowing how to recognise and access appropriate employment opportunities. So whether you’re looking for a first job, pushing for career advancement or surviving redundancy and periods of low employment, a new set of skills can put you at the top of the pack.

For Educators

The online Employment Advantage program provides job seekers with a unique and practical set of skills.  It includes a robust examination system ensuring all information is understood, quickly retained and readily applied in real life situations.

The Employment Advantage is recognised in Western Australia by the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority and as such endorsed for one whole unit on the Western Australian Certificate of Education.